Day One…Success

As I sit in the office and revel in the aftermath of day one of Hammer Wrestling, I can’t help but smile and feel good. All in all, I would have to say it was a success. These are the moments where I remember why I coach and love the sport of wrestling so much. It is truly a unique sport and coaching others in it is honestly the highlight of my life.

I love those times where things click for a kid and he/she suddenly just gets it. You can see it in his/her eyes and actions. They know they got it and feel good about it. In that instant confidence levels soar and they became a better wrestler in a mere second. How awesome is that? A kid learns one move. Nails it (like a HAMMER!). And is magically improved. Most times it’s not even from the move learned. It’s simply because they gained confidence in their ability to learn and adapt. The best part of wrestling (and all sports, really) is that this new self esteem carries over into all aspects of life.

The greatest moments in wrestling are those consisting of grueling practices or a hard fought win. When you finish and you just know that you worked as hard as you could that day to get better…to get the win. You may walk off exhausted, puking, or thinking slightly more profane thoughts at the time, but deep down you feel good. You feel tough. Invincible, maybe. Like…a HAMMER!!

And that is what it’s all about. Getting better everyday. Improving upon something. Even the smallest of details. That’s all it takes to get where you want to go. Work on one thing each day. Just one! Now how simple is that? It may not be easy exactly, but very simple. Maybe it’s even as simple as doing a set of push ups before bed. Hey, it may sound lame but who else is doing that. Do some stance and motion in the hallway when you wake up. It doesn’t matter. Do something.

Always remember that everyone practices from 4-6pm each day. It’s what you do outside of the room that separates you from the rest. For all you parents and non competitors out there. This whole concept applies to you as well. Don’t think that you get the easy way out. I know there is something that you want to improve…to get better at. Pick one thing. What is it? You want to workout more. You want to be more patient. You want to spend more time with your kids. Whatever it is. Choose it. Then focus on doing one thing each day to change it.

You can’t make a monumental switch in an instant. You’re almost guaranteed to fail. But you can change your attitude just like the flip of a switch. Snap your fingers and say I’m going to change THIS! And then you set the plan in action. Each day you wake up and flip the switch again. Then one day, you wake up and the switch is permanently on. You’ve created a positive habit that you do inherently. Awesome!! On to the next goal.

Hammer…Day One…Success!!! I love it!!!