About Us

The Hammer Wrestling School was established to help wrestlers at all levels, from novice to elite, improve their wrestling skills and ultimately achieve their wrestling goals. Our program offers a unique advantage in that our technique and philosophy are “college focused”. Hammer Wrestling boasts superior instruction from established high school and college coaches as well as elite high school and college wrestlers. We teach quality fundamentals that are proven to be effective at the college level in a manner that athletes of all levels can learn. Most importantly, we do all of this at a significantly lower cost than our competitors.

“We love the sport of wrestling and believe in promoting our great sport to anyone wishing to improve, regardless of skill level or experience. Wrestling is our passion. Passion is contagious. We hope to spread our enthusiasm and we will be persistent in our efforts,” Said Hammer Wrestling founder Karl Bratland.

Hammer was chosen as the name as a result of “Hammer” being a coined term used by the Bratland brothers. A person who is a “hammer” is one who never quits, is relentless in whatever they pursue, and is tough mentally and physically. They are someone whom when you watch them practice, work, study, or do anything in everyday life, you think to yourself, “Man, he/she is a hammer. How do they do that? I wish I could be like that.”

One definition of the word “hammer” embodies the Hammer Philosophy:

 To make persistent or laborious attempts to finish or perfect something.