Hammer System of Wrestling

The Hammer System of Wrestling was created to provide detailed, step-by-step approach for athletes of all levels to progress through their wrestling techniques and skills systematically. Much like the belts in martial arts, our system uses “shirts” to identify levels and abilities. This system is truly one of a kind and walks you through what we feel are the essential techniques to become the most well-rounded wrestler you can be.

By following the Hammer System of Wrestling, you’ll know exactly where you’re at in regards to your skills and abilities. This is great for experienced athletes to check in on their knowledge and identify weaknesses, as well as for new wrestlers to begin learning necessary skills.

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See a description of the shirt levels below.

Hammer System of Wrestling – Shirt Descriptions


  • White represents the very beginning of your learning as a student of the sport of wrestling. Everyone that enters our program begins at this level, regardless of skill or experience. The goal is to create a foundation for all of your future learning. This is where you figure out what you need to know and make a plan for how to get there. The white is a symbol of your clean slate and willingness to learn.
    • Other Recommendations: 
      • Wrestle at least one competition prior to graduating from white shirt


  • Yellow represents the opening of your mind to the skills and techniques of our teaching and coaches. You have demonstrated mastery of many of the basics and are ready to further develop your skills in each position (neutral, top, & bottom), as well as learn to apply them in action. Just as it can take time for the sun to rise and melt away snow, this level may also take time for you to get through. 
    • Other Recommendations:
      • Minimum of two years of training
      • Recommended 20 competitive matches


  • Green represents growth. You should now understand and grasp the basic fundamentals and skills of the various positions in wrestling and how/when to apply them. You can begin to refine these skills as the very basic steps of your journey are complete and you can start working towards more intermediate levels. At this stage you also start developing a more personal approach to your wrestling game as you figure out your own personal strengths, weaknesses, body type, physical capabilities, and personality.
    • Other Recommendations:
      • Minimum of four years of training
      • Recommended 75 competitive matches


  • Blue represents growth towards the sky as your skills move to a whole new, almost limitless level. You will take leaps and bounds during this stage as you’re given more difficult techniques and strategies. Now, you have not only mastered the fundamentals and skills but are able to apply them in combinations with smooth transitions and set-ups. Reaching this level creates a recognition and awareness in your drilling and wrestling that really advances your game.
    • Other Recommendations:
      • Minimum of six years of training
      • Recommended 150 competitive matches 


  • Black represents your transformation from an unknowing and beginning white shirt into a mature and wise black shirt. It is a culmination of all of the time and effort that you have put in on the mats. As a black shirt your developed skills are evident and your techniques are smooth, flawless, and effortless. You also understand the minute details of each technique and why they are effective. At this level you have combinations of techniques in all positions and can transition through them with ease. However, at this point in your journey, you also understand that this end is only the beginning of something new. Now you can truly work to hone your craft while continuing to learn and improve. It is also important for you to share your mastery with others and help them improve.
    • Other Recommendations:
      • Minimum of eight years of training
      • Recommended 300 competitive matches


  • Earning the red distinction of your black shirt represents your intense dedication and hard work towards the mastery of your art. Red often signifies danger and this distinction labels you a “dangerous” adversary for any opponent. At this level you are able to demonstrate the ability to wrestle fluidly in all positions as well as have techniques, instinct, and creativity to score and defend from each of them. This level is more about understanding situations, positions, and strategies and being able to remain calm, maintain focus, and execute consistently without thought or hesitation.  You have truly mastered your wrestling game and completely understand your personal strengths, weaknesses, body type, physical capabilities, and personality.
    • Other Recommendations:
      • Minimum of ten years of training