Naperville News 17 Piece to Air on Friday

Naperville News came to Hammer today and got some live footage as well as some interviews. The piece will air on Friday, July 22 on TV. There will also be a link on their website which can be found here. Several Hammer wrestlers were interviewed along with coach, Karl Bratland.  Look for it this weekend […]

Day One…Success

As I sit in the office and revel in the aftermath of day one of Hammer Wrestling, I can’t help but smile and feel good. All in all, I would have to say it was a success. These are the moments where I remember why I coach and love the sport of wrestling so much. […]


Wrestling Club Naperville Belief is everything in life. What you believe is your reality. If you read this and remember nothing else, hold on to this concept. Whatever you believe to be true…is. And if it currently isn’t, it will be. The greatest thing about this whole idea is that YOU ultimately control your reality. […]