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Belief is everything in life. What you believe is your reality. If you read this and remember nothing else, hold on to this concept. Whatever you believe to be true…is. And if it currently isn’t, it will be. The greatest thing about this whole idea is that YOU ultimately control your reality. It’s all in your mind. In your head. Each and every one of us has the capability to alter what is real and what is not. How awesome is that? It’s like a tiny piece of God ingrained into our being. You are the puppet of your own life. And you are the one controlling the strings. The only question is, what do you believe that you can do?

Think about that for a second. What do you truly believe of yourself? Your life? Do you honestly believe that you can be a national champion? World champion? Could you invent something to change the lives of everyone? Will you be a millionaire? Will you ever get married? Can you graduate college? Go to graduate school? Get a PhD? And if you don’t, well WHY NOT? What’s stopping you? Who says you can’t do any of those things and more? First off, maybe it’s you. I can guarantee most everyone will doubt you but if even you doubt yourself, then you have failed before even starting.

I know for a fact that the majority of people in life honestly do not believe that they can do anything EXTRAORDINARY. I already touched on this in another post. Yeah, everyone hopes to do something cool. Everyone wishes that they could do this or that, but who truly and sincerely believes it deep down in their core? Do you? If you can’t even believe without a doubt in something, in yourself, then how will anyone else? Answer…they won’t.

How do you think Bill Gates became a multi-billionaire? Do you he just got lucky? He hoped that maybe he would create Microsoft and it would work? How did Dan Gable win the 1972 Olympics without having a single point scored on him in six matches? Luck? Hope? No. Each of them established a belief in what they wanted to do and they willed it to reality. When Bill Gates was starting out, how many people do you think believed that he would become one of the richest people in the world? One…himself. If you told someone before the 1972 Olympics that Gable would win it without surrendering a single point, what do you think they would have said? You’re crazy. No way!

True belief is like faith. You don’t know why or how you have faith in something or someone or God. You just do. Somewhere, somehow you simply feel that it is real and guess what, it is. Belief is the same. There doesn’t need to be any rational explanation for your belief that you will accomplish a specific goal. You don’t need to know how or why you believe it. You just do. One day you decide, “I believe that I will do this.”You just think it to yourself. You embrace it. You say it out loud. “I will become a national champion.” And the more that you say it, the more that you will believe it. Suddenly, you wake up on the day of the national tournament and you think, “I’m going to win a national title.” And the greatest thing is, that you honestly believe it. You’re not afraid. You’re not worried. You simply know at that moment that nothing is going to stop you from making your belief a reality.

Karl Bratland