Who’s Who? – Repost

This was Posted back in 2011 but it seems relevant today and is a good read. Check it out. As I watched the final NFL games this past Sunday I began thinking about the big name players and teams in the league. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers…Tom Brady and the Patriots…Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, etc, […]

Act the part

Day one of Hammer Preseason is in the books and I was very pleased with how it went. I feel that we have a great group of kids. Even as we speak, more parents/kids are contacting us to join. Our growth in such a short time has been awesome. However, we can only continue to […]


Wrestling Club Naperville Belief is everything in life. What you believe is your reality. If you read this and remember nothing else, hold on to this concept. Whatever you believe to be true…is. And if it currently isn’t, it will be. The greatest thing about this whole idea is that YOU ultimately control your reality. […]

Hammer Wrestling School

Hammer Wrestling School For Youth in Naperville, Illinois The Hammer Wrestling School has been established to help wrestlers at all levels, from novice to elite, improve their wrestling skills and ultimately achieve their wrestling goals. Our program offers a unique advantage in that our technique and philosophy are “college focused”. We provide access to the […]