Act the part

Day one of Hammer Preseason is in the books and I was very pleased with how it went. I feel that we have a great group of kids. Even as we speak, more parents/kids are contacting us to join. Our growth in such a short time has been awesome. However, we can only continue to grow and build our program with the help of our members and their belief in our system. Buy into what we are telling you and improvement will come. I guarantee it.

At the end of practice yesterday, I talked about acting the part and that your actions create others perceptions. This thought resonated with me and I wanted to elaborate on it. It reminds me of the quote, “Actions speak louder than words.” I know we have all heard this saying. I would like to alter this phrase by stating it in this manner, “Actions are your words.” By this, I mean that how you act literally tells others what you’re thinking. For example, what do you think when you’re in the middle of a match or workout and someone puts their hands on their head? I immediately think, “That guy is tired.” His actions basically told me exactly what he is thinking.

By knowing this you can use it in your favor. You can manipulate and dictate what you say to others by changing your actions (without even physically saying anything). You can trick them. If you’re upset or down and you mope around all sad like. What are you telling people? However, if you’re feeling this way but you act the opposite, then you’re telling people that you feel great. Several things occur when you alter your actions and show positivity, rather than the negativity you might be feeling. One, no one can ever tell what is really happening. As a result, they will react positively to you and this positive energy can often aid you in changing your bad mood. Secondly, when you act a certain way, often times you begin to believe it or feel that way. So if I’m tired (or think I’m tired) but I tell myself I’m not and act like I’m not, suddenly I no longer feel that way. Not only can I trick others into thinking a certain way, I trick myself.

This is a skill that takes conscious effort and focus to perfect. You need to remember that your actions become words. Anytime you feel yourself becoming negative (you’re tired, grumpy, mad, sad, etc.), stop for a second, refocus your energy into changing your actions, and then do exactly that. After some practice it will become second nature to just act the part. No one will ever know the difference. Soon others will begin to view you as immovable, unwavering, and always in the right state of mind. They’ll think, “Man, that guy is a hammer. He never gets tired. How can he continue like that without showing any signs of fatigue?” And soon, you will believe it as well.

So when the going gets tough, you feel doubts creeping in, and your actions begin to display them, try to repeat some of the following phrases to yourself. Utilize them to maintain your focus and control your actions. They may sound cheesy but trust me they will help.

“No big deal”

“You can’t phase me. I’m too strong”

“I’m a machine. Can’t stop me”

“Keep moving. Keep moving forward.”

Try it out once. You’ll be amazed at the results. And it only gets easier with practice.