Seize the Day

Most of us have heard the term “Carpe Diem”, which translates into “Seize the Day”. Again, we all likely understand the general meaning of the philosophy in that we should make the most of each day and take advantage of the opportunities presented to us. This is all great and seems simple enough. I would […]

Clear the Mechanism…

As many of the state tournaments around the nation have come to a close, now is a great time for reflection. Over the years I have been to many different state tournaments, as a competitor, coach, recruiter, and fan. These experiences have led me to one ultimate conclusion. Winning at the state tournament is much […]

Who’s Who? – Repost

This was Posted back in 2011 but it seems relevant today and is a good read. Check it out. As I watched the final NFL games this past Sunday I began thinking about the big name players and teams in the league. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers…Tom Brady and the Patriots…Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, etc, […]

Wrestlers compete at IWAY

The staff at Hammer Wrestling would like to make a shout out to all of those wrestlers that competed in the IWAY State series recently. We had a decent showing at both tournaments and our kids wrestled well. Also, we have had several members competing in the local freestyle/greco tournaments. It is exciting to see […]

“Extraordinary” – Repost

“I wanted to repost a compelling blog that was written some time ago. As school is just around the corner and new seasons will soon begin it seems fitting. The following is the original post of Extraordinary.” I recently had a conversation with someone about how so many people are complacent in their lives and […]

Reflections of a Wrestler

As we drove back from Columbus, OH (the Tournament of Champions), there was much opportunity to reflect on the trip. In that time one encompassing thought abounded more than any other, “Wrestling is the greatest sport ever”. In what other sport can you find five year olds and 40 years olds competing in the same […]

Who am I?

I am a CHAMPION! This video is so awesome and the speech is even better. These are the beliefs that each of us needs to adhere to each and every day of our lives. Whether you are an elite athlete or a simple businessman. It doesn’t matter. We can all strive to be better. Too […]


I am certain that the majority of us have convinced themselves of a desire to be average in whatever we pursue. We have decided that to be otherwise is way too much work. Striving to reach greatness is much too difficult for most of us. As success is never guaranteed, a person could put in […]

Act the part

Day one of Hammer Preseason is in the books and I was very pleased with how it went. I feel that we have a great group of kids. Even as we speak, more parents/kids are contacting us to join. Our growth in such a short time has been awesome. However, we can only continue to […]