I am certain that the majority of us have convinced themselves of a desire to be average in whatever we pursue. We have decided that to be otherwise is way too much work. Striving to reach greatness is much too difficult for most of us. As success is never guaranteed, a person could put in years and years of laborious effort only to fall short of the prominence originally sought.

Think about it for a second. It’s so easy to go through life monotonously. Never taking any chances and merely hoping to go unnoticed as we plod through our mundane lives of normalcy. We get up each day and go to school or work, eager to just get through the day. We desperately cling to our daily routine like a drowning victim to a flotation device, as if we might actually drown amidst life’s uncertainties, all the while ridiculing those who take a risk and venture off down a path less trodden. “What idiots!” We might think to ourselves. “Why would anyone take such a stupid risk?”

Well, I’ll tell you why…greatness. In order to do anything great, risks must be taken. Since when did the purpose of life become to merely survive? There seems to no longer be this deep yearning to thrive…to achieve…to be great. Have we really become that fearful of our own lives? Instead of boldly going where no man/woman has gone before, we shamefully hide in a disguise of excuses. “I can’t”. “I won’t”. “What if”? These defeatist thoughts have polluted our minds, convincing us that we cannot or should not do anything of substance.

In my opinion this is unacceptable. This type of world is a depressing one and I refuse to sit idly by as the world’s spirit and creativity is slowly destroyed. It is my challenge to you to change this mentality. Think different. Be different. Let’s think “I can”, “I will”, “Why not”. Wake up each day as if it is on purpose. Challenge yourself to improve and get better everyday. Thrive in your life, rather than just survive. Take chances, refuse to be average, and strive for greatness.

Now, are there bound to be failures along the way? Of course! Is it guaranteed we will achieve the prominence we seek? No! Of course not! However, if we never attempt, then we are definitely certain to never achieve. The journey towards success is often just as gratifying as the victory itself. Decide what you want in life. Choose small goals and extravagant ones. What do you need to work on? What do you want to change? What is something that you’ve always wanted to do? Set a goal. Make a plan. Believe in it. Follow it. Adhere to it. Be great!