Who’s Who? – Repost

This was Posted back in 2011 but it seems relevant today and is a good read. Check it out.

As I watched the final NFL games this past Sunday I began thinking about the big name players and teams in the league. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers…Tom Brady and the Patriots…Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, etc, etc. This then led my thoughts to various elite athletes, wrestlers, and fighters in our time. I’m thinking guys like Cael Sanderson, Jordan Burroughs, Floyd Mayweather, George St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, etc, etc. I found myself wondering how did these guys get to where they are? At what point did they become superstars? I mean, they weren’t always well known and the elite of their sport. Right? Roughly, five years ago Aaron Rodgers was a backup quarterback and now he has won a Super Bowl and potentially the best quarterback in the NFL.

Can someone tell me how exactly does this happen? How does a person go from no one to someone just like that? It doesn’t seem possible. During their rise to stardom I am sure there were others in front of them who were the so-called elite. The best of the best. Right? So my question is, what specifically occurs that catapults these changes in superstar hierarchy? Is it just dumb luck? Being in the right place at the right time? I’m sure that has a little bit to do with it but I don’t buy that rationalization.

I believe that there is a certain attitude that these types of people possess, and not everyone has it. In fact, only a select few individuals truly have this quality. If everyone had it, then everyone would be a superstar. The sad reality is that the majority of us are merely average in most of our endeavors. Those that have this rare attitude have a simple belief that they can compete with and beat anyone. They don’t care who’s who at the time or who is suppose to be good. It doesn’t matter because they truly believe that they  can beat anyone…even the best of the best .

This is a concept that can change your game forever. Too many people get caught up in the who’s who game of life. This team is the best. That guy is the best. This is so true in wrestling as well. I hear it all the time. Oh, “This kid wrestles for this team/club, he must be good”. “Look at that kids singlet and shoes, he must be good”. “That guy beat so and so”. “This team is the best in the state, we don’t stand a chance”. “They’re ranked. He’s ranked.” Blah, blah, blah. Who cares? Honestly, does it matter? None of these things matter when it comes to competition. It’s all image. It’s all on paper. It’s all just things that people say or believe to be true. With this attitude we might as well not even have sports. We’ll just compute everything on a computer based on statistical algorithms.It will go something like this, “Based on the statistical algorithm and probabilities calculated by our advanced software you should win a state title so here is your first place medal. In the hopes to save time and eliminate injuries we will just award you without the need to compete. Congratulations.”

Once you get beyond the who’s who view, you will become a whole different athlete. All it takes is one big win. One big play. One amazing performance. And you’re on the map. Suddenly, you beat someone who is “good” and now you’re good. You beat someone who you’re not suppose to beat (on paper, at least) and all doors to success open up. In an instant you believe that you are good. That you somehow got better. And in that moment, guess what, you are and you did. It’s as if you snapped your fingers and you were the best. Just like that. That’s all it takes.

Then it becomes easier. After you turn the corner once and beat an “unbeatable” kid, it slowly becomes no big deal. Your thought process changes. You think, “I’m the man. I’m the guy to beat.” This is exactly how those elite athletes became the superstars that they are today. They got an opportunity to compete against the best. They told themselves, “I can compete against anyone. I can beat anyone. I will not take a backseat to anyone. It doesn’t matter what singlet or uniform he wears. Or what stats or records he holds. I can win and I will win.” The rest is history.

You can be that guy. You can beat someone who you have no business beating (on paper, again). Eliminate the who’s who mentality. Be willing to battle and outfight anyone. Compete to win, not to tie, and not to keep it close. You play to win the game!