We are now working in conjunction with PUSH Wrestling and practices will be at their facilities. All participants must be members of PUSH Wrestling in order to attend our sessions. You can sign up with Push on the day that you come to the facility.

Follow these simple steps to register:

  1. Register for the appropriate Hammer Sessions (spring, summer, fall, or any combination of the three). They are each 8 week programs. Complete the form and arrange payment to Hammer. At these sessions we will provide instruction and organized practices.
  2. Sign up as a member of PUSH Wrestling Facility when you come to your first Hammer session (in person at the facility). Fees are $70/month. This gives you a pin number and 24 hour access to the facility. You can then workout outside of Hammer Sessions whenever you want.
  3. Be sure to cancel your Push Membership if you are done with the Hammer sessions and no longer want access to the facility.

Cash, checks, or PayPal (below) are accepted. Write checks out to Hammer Wrestling. All prices listed here are separate from the PUSH Wrestling membership fees. 

Please fill out the online registration form, then send along with payment to the address below. You may also use PayPal or bring payment to the first day of practice.

Attn: Karl Bratland
Naperville North High School
899 Mill St
Naperville, IL 60563