I recently had a conversation with someone about how so many people are complacent in their lives and simply accept society imposed limitations. No one is willing to (or simply do not want to) venture out and leave the well worn path that life lays before us. Why is it that we are brainwashed into thinking and believing there are certain things we must do and specific avenues to follow? What if I don’t want to do that? What if I want to do something different? What if I want to be unique? Extraordinary?

In speaking with this person arguments for both sides were presented. We may think well most everything has already been done before. Everyone is trying that. Why will it work for me? How can I be different than anyone else? If it was that easy, then everyone would do it. Maybe it’s too much effort to begin work towards a new goal. Perhaps the risk appears too great and the reward seems too far away. I, myself, presented many of these counterpoints. I was pleasantly surprised when this person turned it on me and simply said, “Well, find a way to do it differently. Make your way better and needed by yourself and others. If you don’t try to do something, things will never change.”

All too often we immediately limit ourselves and our way of thinking, simply because it seems unfeasible. The goal we ultimately want to set appears too lofty and unachievable from our current state. As a result, we become disheartened and lower our expectations. We set a more “acceptable”, more “socially correct” goal. We may even feel good about it because others support it and believe it is feasible and realistic as well. This is the exact opposite of what should occur. Why not set the so-called unreachable goal? Who says it can’t be done? Limitations are merely perceived. There is no such thing as a limitation. It only exists if you allow it to.

In today’s society too many people are unwilling or afraid to attempt to be extraordinary. We accept the way our current world is and believe the path that we are on is the only one we can follow. We become a victim of circumstance. Excuses creep in and we allow them to become our crutch. As a result, attempting to strive for something unusual and atypical seems far from reach. We may believe that we are barely getting by the way it is so how can we search for something better. This is actually much simpler than one might believe. Keep in mind that it is simple, not easy. There is a difference.

First, decide what you want…what you really want. Then make a plan to get there. An honest, realistic plan of simple, smaller steps leading you to the ultimate goal. Start with general things and eventually work towards specific details that need to get done. Don’t think about all the things that you need to do at one time. Of course you will get overwhelmed with that way of thinking. You are attempting to change your life and perhaps achieve something that you (and everyone else) never thought you could. Pick one thing. What do you need to do first to take one step towards your goal? Start easy. Start small. Set your mind to it and do it.

Do not be deterred by mishaps or failures along the way. It is a certainty that things will go wrong and you will fail more than once. As Winston Churchill states, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”This must be your mantra. When attempting crazy feats there will be mistakes and things will go wrong. Again, if it was easy, everyone would do it and it wouldn’t be unique.

Continue following your plan. Step by step. Day by day. Do something each day to get closer to what you want. One thing. Everyday. How much simpler can it be? I’m pretty sure we all have time in our day to do one thing. The next part of becoming extraordinary is often more difficult than the rest. Again, this is very simple, though. It involves “choices”. You must begin making the right choices. The decisions that will separate you from the rest of the crowd and elevate you to the status of different.

The best way to begin making the correct decisions in your life is to view everything in your life in the same way. When faced with a choice to make think of it in this way: Will this bring me closer to my goal? Will this decision help me achieve what I want or deter me from it? Using this philosophy you can easily decide, “yes” or “no”. Yes, this will help me become better. No, this will set me back. Every situation in life can be approached in this manner. Deciding if you should go out tonight. Which friends you should associate with. Should I workout? Go to class? To work? Play video games? Go to bed? Stay up? Whatever it is that troubles you break it down in this manner. It will simplify life so much more.

Keep in mind that this approach can be used for much smaller aspects of life as well. It doesn’t have to be a monumental change. However, if you want to be different, unique, extraordinary, etc, then you just have to set your mind and do it. Make the decision. Make the change. Make the plan. Make the “choices” that lead you along the path less traveled. Take the path that no one else will and win, lose, or draw, you will never have regrets.