I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of people in this world. Those that MAKE sacrifices and those that TAKE sacrifices. As you many of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about I will elaborate on this concept. Those people that make sacrifices are the givers to a greater cause or goal. They know what they want and who they want to be around. In that effort they make sacrifices in order for their wants to occur.

If you want to win a national title, there are certain things that must be done and others that must be given up. Each of these are sacrifices. In order to accomplish this goal you surround yourself with positive people who can help you. You may even disassociate yourself with those who have a negative impact on you. You set yourself a workout schedule and you stick to it…no matter what. This includes missing the latest party or maybe showing up late. Going to bed earlier if you have a morning workout. Getting a workout in before you leave town for the weekend.

Regardless of your goals there are sacrifices to be made to get there. And if it is a goal worth fighting for then these forfeited items are worth the loss. The journey and the end prize are more valuable than anything that you might have to give up.

Now on to the flip side of this. Those that take sacrifices may come in many forms. One, maybe they simply belittle or are negative towards another’s sacrifices. When someone goes the extra mile they laugh and make fun of them. They think it is stupid or “crazy” to make those types of sacrifices for a goal they believe is unachievable. These are the naysayers. The nonbelievers. They are trying to take your sacrifices away.

Similar to this are those that actually attempt to deter you and steer you away from making sacrifices. They tell you it’s stupid and you don’t need to do that. When you need to workout or get work done towards a goal, they beg for you to come out or skip today. “What’s one day gonna hurt?” “We don’t have to worry about that until the time comes…until next year.” “Nobody else is doing that, why should you?” These are some of the things that you might hear from them. Don’t listen. They are wrong.

Next, are those that never sacrifice for anyone. They literally take sacrifices from others. Everyone around them is constantly sacrificing for them and picking up the slack as they continue to live life selfishly, without regard for anyone else. Never is there a time when they go out of their way for another or something greater than themselves. It’s all about them and what is in it for them. This may seem like the way to be but don’t be fooled. At the end of the day it is a lonely and shallow life.

Those that sacrifice for a greater cause will always have purpose and will always have the respect of people that matter. By following this lifestyle, you may miss out on parties and friends, may be ridiculed and segregated, experience failures, and suffer all sorts of bumps and bruises along the way…but always remember “A life worth living is a life worth sacrificing for.”

Which type of person are you the majority of the time? Do you make sacrifices or take them? Those people that are always making sacrifices for the greater good are who I want to be around. They are people to follow as they are the real leaders. In the end it will all come around. Soon enough others will believe in what you are sacrificing for and follow suit. The sacrifices will become more meaningful as you undergo them together. And eventually your sacrifices will be returned to you by those that followed and believed in your efforts. The old saying, “What goes around, comes around”, will hold true.