As I walked out of Hammer practice today, I began thinking about “perception” and how it effects each and everyone of our lives daily. I mean think about it. Our perceptions create our reality. However we perceive something to be, in our minds eye, is how it is. So perceptions are reality.

There are two ways to look at this concept of perception. One, if I know whatever I perceive in my life will ultimately become my reality, then I can make a conscious effort to change my viewpoint. And in effect, you are essentially altering your reality. Two, I can apply this idea to the people around me and those that I encounter each day. Again, I know that their perception of me becomes what is real to them. Therefore, I basically have control over the way that they see me. Crazy, right? We have way more control than we think.

Let me elaborate on part number one here. Any time something happens in our lives, we should remember this philosophy. I can control my perception of this event, therefore, I can alter my reality. Keep in mind, though, that this can go either way. Good or bad. Negative or positive. It’s up to you to decide which. And that’s the beauty of it all. You can decide whether or not any instance is positive or negative.

Now take this concept and apply it other people. To those around us and in our lives. Remember that their perception becomes their reality. So it doesn’t matter what you might think, say, do, or feel. From their perspective, it’s all about them. Whatever they see or think is what matters to them. You might think that you are acting a certain way but it’s possible that they view it differently. Think about this during various moments in your life. During your wrestling matches. During practice. After you get taken down. Turned. Lose a match. When you go to school or work after a bad morning. After a bad day at work and you come home to your family. How do you act? Can they tell? Do you put your game face on? How good is your game face?

In sports, specifically. you have to have a game face. You have to be able to trick everyone else. Because what they see is what they will believe. Trust me. There will be days when you don’t feel well. There will be matches where you’re tired. There will be times when you suffer an injury but have to go on. You can never let them see you sweat. If you’re tired, act like you’re not. If you don’t feel well, act like you do. If you’re hurt, act like you’re not. And once you master the skill of acting, then your opponent will never know the difference. They will perceive that you feel great and they will believe it. There is another added benefit of this “acting”. You’ll find that the more you act and think a certain way, the more that you actually feel that way. So if you’re tired and you act like you’re not. You tell yourself that you’re not. Suddenly, even you start to believe it. And amazingly you aren’t tired anymore. You tricked even yourself!!

That’s all I got for now. Always remember…”Perception is Reality”.