Today I began to reminisce about the beginning of Hammer and the meaning behind the whole philosophy. This thought process led me to a single word,”Loyalty”. I am not exactly sure how it led to this but I will elaborate as best I can.

To me, being a Hammer means being loyal to a fault. Loyal to a cause. To a goal. Loyal to your friends, family, teammates, coaches, colleagues, etc. Not many people these days adhere to the concept of true loyalty. Things change. People change. Often when the going gets tough, people start to bail and their true colors show. It takes a true hammer to remain loyal and stay the course, regardless of anything going on around them.

All to often we are swayed by peer pressure, our families, society, our selfish desires, or even money. Other times we are deterred by our doubters and nay sayers or maybe even our competition. In today’s day and age it is becoming increasingly more difficult to be a true loyalist. There are too many distractions in our society.

I talk about loyalty as I believe that this very principle can be the most gratifying concept to live by. A true loyalist stands by his beliefs and principles in the face of all obstacles. Keep in mind that being loyal may not lead to money, popularity, social status, and may even cause you to lose such things. However, standing for a concept amongst those people closest to you can make for an inspirational life. One that people will envy and you can be proud of. This is because you know that you stood for and believed in something greater than yourself. And this is actually something that few people can say they have done.

Choose a cause. Choose a team. A family. A club. A business. An idea. And build it with those people that you love the most. Encourage others to join in. And refuse to abandon it. And others will surely follow because they can feel your passion and belief for it. And this leads to a great life.

I believe in the sport of wrestling. I believe in the concepts it can teach, not only our youth, but all of us. And I believe in Hammer Wrestling and North Central Wrestling and building themnto a premier wrestling organizations. The people involved in each of these inspire me every day to be better. Join us.  Follow us. And I know you will be inspired as well.